I'm Logan! The Biz Witch and Queen of IG Sales Strategy.


I went from broke af high school English teacher + online fitness coach to industry expert and go-to alignment guru, and in just 6 months I scaled my biz to replace my full-time salary and completely retired my husband!


Now I help propose-drive women blend soul and strategy to build their own online empires.

As a wife and mom of 3 little Queens, I know what it takes to build an online empire, girl, and I know how important time, freedom, and flexibility are to you. That's why I've created InstaSlay!


Instagram is my PLAYGROUND and has been for years now! I figured out the game, and I’ve been dominating ever since! And I’m living proof that you don’t need a massive following to make waves in your industry and create consistent income in your business.




You don’t need more followers, girl. You need more ENGAGEMENT. More KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST. More brand awareness. More truth. More alignment. More kickass content that comes straight from your soul and speaks directly to YOUR people.


THAT’S what you need more of, girl.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to help you create!


I'm passionate AF about helping you find your own inner power, speak your truth, and use it to serve the world in a bigger mother fucking way!

Let's do this, girl!

....if you know what you’re doing.

So you have an online business, but no fucking clue how to show up online, how to create amazing content that leads to an unforgettable brand, how to connect with your ideal clients, much less how to actually make some fucking cash.Plus, you feel like you're "on" 24/7!


Social media can be crazy overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to use it to build a business and change the world.

And maybe you’re sitting there rolling your eyes thinking, “Is it really THAT big of a deal, Logan? It’s JUST Instagram.”


And if you really do think it’s “just Instagram”, then this isn’t the course for you. #byeeeee

Because it isn’t JUST Instagram.

It’s access to MILLIONS of people who may need your gifts and services.

It’s UNLIMITED potential to get your light out into the world.

It’s a FREE platform to build your business, create generational wealth, and make a massive impact on humans everywhere.


It’s the vehicle that’s going to allow you to have the greatest impact on the most people, and it’s time you started treating it that way.

We’re not just dicking around online here, girl - we’re building empires!

But your empire will only be as strong as the foundation it’s laid on and the tools you used to build it.

Right now, your foundation is shaky af - for some of you it’s nonexistent - and you’re using some janky ass tools you picked up for free at a yardsale - half of them are broken, and the other half aren’t right for the job.


Let me hook you up, girlfriend!

This is the first time I’ve ever offered this course, and with all the crazy shit that’s going on in the world, I’ve also decided to make it SUPER affordable. My ultimate goal with my business & this course is to serve more women, pay more women, and empower more women. This is the time to go balls to the wall with your dreams, babe, and I’m so ready to help you do that!

  • Complete transformation into IG SALES QUEEN

  • Connecting with your ideal clients every single day

  • Creating irresistible offers and content 

  • Establishing unforgettable brand awareness

  • Building insane amounts of KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST

  • Running your online business like a mf’ing BOSS

  • Signing CLIENTS, closing SALES, and making MONEY with EASE

  • Slaying tf out of your IG game, and creating more time, freedom, and flexibility in your life & biz than ever before


[My biggest takeaway from working with Logan has been] that my business gets to be created in a way that feels good to me and that I should honor how I work/think best and structure my business in a way that works with my personality & style. Also, how to create a vision that actually motivates me to work on a daily basis that doesn't seem so far-fetched that I can't believe it's possible.

The one on one calls with Logan [were great] because talking things through really helps me to process ideas, and she's amazing at helping you work through mental blocks as well as to help you create a strategy.​

- Kristi Jeffres


Yes, it was great business development. If someone sticks to all [Logan’s] recommendations and really implements these strategies, they’re going to notice a big difference in their business.​

- Lauren White Davis


I had no business plan when I started. This container gave me clear direction and a timeline for my own success without blowing smoke up my ass about how to do it.​

- April Ross


[After working with Logan] I’m able to sit down every morning and I know what I have to do every day, so my energy feels productive and focused not scattered! I closed out my June launch with $17,000 in sales from sticking to this plan. THANK YOU!!!​

- Ruthie Cease

I’ve never launched a coaching program and having Logan’s guidance gave me the blue print and confidence to launch! Her support was key in getting out of my comfort zone and serving others! I’ve learned how to plan out content, get grounded in my purpose, and the behind the scenes resources she provides are well worth the investment!​

- Marissa Hols

New client results after implementing ONE tiny tip from ONE of the TWELVE modules in InstaSlay!

She implemented my strategy for TWO days, and these were her results from one of her posts after just 24 hours!

What does that mean?

Her IG presence is growing; her content is getting in front of more people; she's actually connecting with her ideal clients; all of which leads to greater impact and more income!





1. Story Slay

How to slay and sell in your stories like a true Queen!

($200 value)

2. Abundance Queen

Exactly how to unfuck your shitty money story so you can call in all the abundance with ease!

($200 value)


1. Branded & Boujee

My step-by-step guide to creating your truest, most authentic brand ever!

($200 value)

2. Story Vault

30 made-for-you IG story prompts to build your audience, increase your engagement, and monetize your magick online!

($200 value)

Now more than ever is the time to start and build a business online, and generate wealth that is truly YOURS to earn and control. That starts by creating a KILLER online presence and learning how to work the tools you have (ie Instagram). My goal with this course is to give you every tool and resource that you need to build the online business you crave, and to do it in a way that allows you to experience more time, freedom, and flexibility in your life and business. It is my honor to serve you in this way, and I'm so excited to hook you up with the goods, girl!

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