Are you ready to make launching fun and easy af?

Do you want to experience the biggest cash injection your business has ever seen?

Are you ready to finally take that course or program you’ve been dreaming of and turn into a thriving online business?


Hey, girl! I’m Logan. And I’m basically obsessed with creating and launching. 


In the last year, I’ve gone from homeless to completely replacing my professional salary and becoming the primary breadwinner for my family...all by launching continuously and in a way that feels fun and easy af.


It hasn’t always been that way though.

Before last year, I spent 3.5 years as a struggling online fitness coach. 

Trying everything I knew to make it work, to make a buck - and nada.


It wasn’t until I dropped into my zone of genius, stopped trying to force shit that wasn’t aligned with me, and discovered my love for creating killer online courses and launching them to the masses that my biz finally exploded into the stratosphere. And this year I’m projected to hit my very first 6-figures!


All that aside, I actually went to college for this shit. My background in education has made designing courses second nature for me, and I want you to experience that same ease in your own business.


In LLL I’ll basically be distilling those 4 years of college into about 3 weeks worth of content for you + giving you my proven methods for launching that continue to build & scale my business at lightning speeds. 


I wake up to the life & business of my dreams every single day, and I want you to do the same, girl. That’s what LLL is all about! So stoked that you’re here!


From start to finish you have no freaking clue what you’re doing. You’re tossing shit on the internet like it’s spaghetti at a wall, just hoping something sticks. You didn’t sell out your private coaching like you wanted, so you toss another offer together and launch it on a whim. 


No strategy. 

No plan.

Living on a prayer, sister.


You’ve got a lot riding on this launch, don’t you? You’re ready for your business to finally take off. You’re tired of watching everyone else live their dreams, and you’re desperate to know when it’s your turn.

So hopefully this launch is the turning point, yeah?


So you click “post” on your sales CTA letting all the humans know about your amazing new offer.


And then you wait...

And wait...

And wait some more.


Compulsively refreshing your feed, searching for all those little icons - a new like, a few comments, maybe a DM - ANYTHING. You’ll take anything at this point.


But nothing comes. No one enrolls. And secretly, you kind of expected it. Because secretly you don’t even know if anyone wants the damn thing, much less if they’ll be willing to pay you for it.


You feel like a failure.

Just another failed launch in the books.


You don’t know why no ones buying. 

You can’t figure out what went wrong. 

And you don’t know how to do it differently next time to get better results. 


I feel ya, girl.


Yes, launching can totally be fun & easy af. And it can lead to some serious financial freedom, but when you’re making it up as you go, it feels more like floating without a tether than launching into orbit. 


You wish you had a proven process to follow.

A launch plan that actually works & make the whole experience fun and easy.

And a mentor to ask when you get stuck.


That’s what Ladyboss Launch Lab is for, girl.

I’ve got you!

LLL is for the all-in, no-more-excuses, ready-af, kickass CEO who is committed to growing her business, launching her offers, changing the freaking world, and being abundant af while she does it.


  • You want to have your BIGGEST launch yet — minus the overwhelm, the anxiety and the “holy shit this is never gunna work why did I ever think it would I should just quit now” on-going inner monologue

  • ​You’re desperate for a smooth, stress-free launch that grows your audience, changes lives, and fills your pockets with a whole lotta moolah

  • ​You’d love to have enough cash flow to outsource the shit you hate and stay in your zone of genius

  • You crave the confidence and financial security that comes from a successful program launch 

  • You want to laser in on your signature offer that you can sell today, tomorrow, next week, next year - whenever


  • ​You’re committed to your own victim story and love the drama of constantly being broke, never making any sales, and always complaining about how shit never works out for you

  • ​You think you have all the answers and already know all the launching secrets, and there’s nothing left out there for you to learn

  • ​You hate money and clients and sales, and you never want to actually have a successful & profitable biz

  • You believe that what you’ve got right now is all you'll ever have, and it'll never get any better for you #sadface

LLL is your easily duplicatable & insanely profitable blueprint for having stress-free, sold-out launches that feel fun, flowy, & align af!


  • ​Selling your courses & filling your programs to scale your biz like a boss and finally give yourself the time & financial freedom you crave

  • CEO level confidence to raise your prices, know your worth, and sell the fuck out of your offers

  • Building a loyal af community who loves you, craves your content, and can’t wait to buy your next course

  • Taking control of your life & biz  as you lay the foundation for more clients, more sales, more freedom, & more time in your zone of genius

  • ​Positioning yourself as the thought leader & industry expert you want to be

  • ​Injecting your business with more cash than you’ve ever allowed yourself to receive


  • PART 1: Offer Operations - Capture Your Magic

    • Discover Your Own Genius

    • Formulate Your Perfect Offer

    • Finalize Your Process

  • PART 2: Launch Logistics - Catapult Your Magic

    • Launch Philosophy 101

    • Market Research & Copywriting Mastery

    • Systems & Strategies

    • Becoming a Sales Ninja

    • Action & Duplication


  • 8 weeks of offer creation & launch training

  • Weekly homework & implementation

  • LLL Voxer thread for 8 wks of group coaching

  • Lifetime access to course materials

  • VIP Upgrade (*optional*)

    • Three (3) private coaching calls with Logan​

    • Unlimited private Voxer coaching (8wks)

    • Exclusive Offer Audit


[My biggest takeaway from working with Logan has been] that my business gets to be created in a way that feels good to me and that I should honor how I work/think best and structure my business in a way that works with my personality & style. Also, how to create a vision that actually motivates me to work on a daily basis that doesn't seem so far-fetched that I can't believe it's possible.

The one on one calls with Logan [were great] because talking things through really helps me to process ideas, and she's amazing at helping you work through mental blocks as well as to help you create a strategy.​

- Kristi Jeffres


Yes, it was great business development. If someone sticks to all [Logan’s] recommendations and really implements these strategies, they’re going to notice a big difference in their business.​

- Lauren White Davis


I had no business plan when I started. This container gave me clear direction and a timeline for my own success without blowing smoke up my ass about how to do it.​

- April Ross


[After working with Logan] I’m able to sit down every morning and I know what I have to do every day, so my energy feels productive and focused not scattered! I closed out my June launch with $17,000 in sales from sticking to this plan. THANK YOU!!!​

- Ruthie Cease

I’ve never launched a coaching program and having Logan’s guidance gave me the blue print and confidence to launch! Her support was key in getting out of my comfort zone and serving others! I’ve learned how to plan out content, get grounded in my purpose, and the behind the scenes resources she provides are well worth the investment!​

- Marissa Hols




"I have been friends with Logan for a couple years and have watched her grow into a powerhouse authority figure in the online business world, so I knew she would have much to offer when I was considering hiring her. I'll be honest, I was a bit hesitant at first because Logan is a "no bullshit" go-getter (part of what attracted me to her) and I knew she would push me out of my comfort zone. She helped me reorganize my daily business activities which generated more productivity. Logan was able to shift my perspective on my content writing to help me connect deeper with my audience and clientele. The hour-long calls were most beneficial in creating new content and brainstorming a business roadmap for the future. I enjoyed working one-on-one with Logan. She was very accessible and offered very timely feedback. I would recommend her to women who are ready to step up their business and get serious!"


I’m so glad my biz partner and I invested in Logan! Logan was an endless wealth of knowledge and help for us! We were able to create a website, get super consistent and clear with our content, and overall had a better understanding of what we wanted from our business. I love Logan’s no-BS approach that is always delivered with love and care! Highly recommend her if you’re looking for a business coach!

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Launching my Etsy shop in the middle of working through TBC helped me to lay a great foundation for my business. The mindset work was particularly helpful. As a stay at home, homeschooling mom of two, I struggled between “Yes, I can do this. I do have time for this.” And “taking time away from my children and duties is selfish.”. I had a lot of limiting beliefs surrounding my art, but once Logan gave me the tools to push past them, I was able to confidently launch my shop. Building my brand with the tips from Logan has been such a fun part of it. It’s something that is still evolving for me as my customer base grows. Having the other women in the group and in the calls was such a great resource, too! I loved having people to bounce ideas off of. I definitely recommend this course or on like it that Logan launches in the future.

If you've made it this far, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, GIRL?! This is it! Let's do the damn thing! Lab doors open June 16, 2020!





  • MY BRAND BIBLE - Absolutely everything you need to get your personal brand crystal clear and 🔥 af!

  • COMPLEMENTARY BRAND KIT - A custom crafted brand kit, complete with logos, sub-logos, icons, inspo pics, and brand mission statement.

  • BONUS GROUP COACHING/KICK-OFF PARTY CALL - A bonus group call with Logan to get some initial coaching before the course begins & those high vibes flowing!!

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