10 Quick and Dirty Content Hacks

Quick and Dirty Content Hacks

10 things to do TODAY to take your content from WTF to fierce af!

1. Always open with a hook! - Take the juiciest part of your story/post and move it to the top! Use it to grab her attention and stop her scroll!

2. Tell her a story! - Women buy based on FEELINGS - not facts, not statistics, not laundry lists of features - FEELINGS. So make her feel something! Share a story with multiple points of resonation that she can literally see herself in, and watch the magic happen!

3. Tell her why you’re a BFD! - Establish yourself as the authority! Tell her why you’re qualified to help her solve her problems! Tell her why your a BFD, sister!

4. Include a CTA! - Always, always, always include a CTA! Even if it’s just “like this post if you agree!” - tell her what to do next! You set the precedence for how your audience responds, so tell them how to respond!

5. Keep it simple, Sharon! - Don’t use crazy fancy language that she doesn’t fucking understand! Keep it simple, and if possible - USE HER LANGUAGE! That’s even better!

6. Less “I/Me” and more “You/Your”. - Using second person pronouns physically brings her into the story. Speak to her, not at her. Bring her along for the ride. And remember, you’re writing for her, not you.

7. Drop a few F-bombs! - Or if cursing isn’t your thing, share whatever is! Do you like emojis? Cool! Use them! Not a fan of super long posts? Cool! Keep yours short and sweet! Use all kinds of weird, crazy slang? Nice! Include it all! Stop censoring your shit and start speaking from the heart! That’s how your people are going to find you!

8. Tell her how you feel/felt/found! - Empathize with her! Get honest with her! If she’s struggling with something specific, let her know that you can FEEL her pain. Tell her a story about when you FELT the same way, how you worked through it, and what you ultimately FOUND. Women want to buy from real people, not robots! So share some real human connection here!

9. Amplify her desires! - Paint a picture of what’s possible for her based on her known desires! What does she want? How does she want to feel? What does she want to create? Use her desires to draw her in, and then tell her how you’re gunna help her.

10. Make her feel empowered AF! - You want her to buy from you because she feels good and empowered, not ashamed and embarrassed. So pump her up! Tell her you believe in her! Let her borrow your belief from just a sec until you help her cultivate some of her own.


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