3 Ways to Cultivate Business Confidence Today

As someone who struggled in business for 6+ years, I feel like I can really speak to this at this point in my journey.

Over the years I've invested in entrepreneurship I've definitely experienced my share of struggles.

Choosing outlets that were misaligned.

Forcing myself into boxes just to try to fit in.

Sending spammy, salesey cold messages.

Mass-friending random people I "might" have something in common with.

All in an effort to succeed.

I wanted to succeed so badly, so badly that I often compromised who I was, what I wanted, and what I believed in.

And at the root of all of that striving to succeed was a deeply engrained overall lack of confidence.

Lack of confidence in myself because I had no idea who I truly was.

Lack of confidence in my skills as an entrepreneur because a) I didn't have the proper skills and mindset and b) I wasn't in love with my products.

It's only been recently since I've really stepped into knowing myself and owning my confidence that I've finally found myself in a career that I truly love, doing work that feels truly aligned, and making a real impact.

And there are 3 things that stand out in my mind as pivotal in my transition from struggling entrepreneur to thriving boss babe:

1. Do what feels right, not what seems easy.

My early entrepreneurial pursuits were spent chasing after things I perceived as easy.

Multilevel marketing. Network marketing. Selling trials.

In my experience, each of these promised quick success with little effort on my part. So rather than chasing after something that was really aligned with my strengths and desires, I went after things that I thought would have a quick ROI. And every time it left me feeling frustrated, depleted, and lost. Even when I would have a little success, the high was short-lived because it wasn't rooted in anything genuine. I wasn't passionate about those things; so, the wins were minimal and I was still left feeling like I was chasing and forcing something.

Since I shifted into doing work that is truly aligned with myself and my desires, the feeling has been completely different.

The highs are higher..

The wins are greater.

Even the menial, mundane tasks bring me so much joy; and from that joy comes loads of confidence.

Confidence is a byproduct of action, and when we're doing actions that align with us and light us up, we can't help but be crazy confident in ourselves, our work, and our pursuits.

Greater confidence also leads to more sales, which results in greater impact.

Moral of this part of the story?

Stop chasing shiny pennies and quick wins.

Instead really get to know yourself.

What do you like?

What are you good at?

How could you use your gifts to serve others?

Like I said - confidence is a byproduct of action, and we're much more likely to take action if what we're working on is aligned and intentional.

2. Follow the nudge.

This one goes along with the first one, but it's something I didn't do for a really long time.

Our intuition knows the way, but so often we think we know better.

So we ignore those littles hits to leave the job, end the relationship, start the side hustle.

Our ego is super persuasive, and does a great job of silencing those little nudges.

But let me tell you - those nudges are where the magic is, and listening to just one, and watching it lead you to somewhere freaking incredible does something miraculous for your confidence.

It shows you that you can trust yourself.

It proves that everything you need to succeed really is inside of you.

It reminds you that you know the way; you don't need to ask permission or seek guidance from an outside source.

You know the way.

You have the answers.

Give yourself the chance to prove how wise and intuitive you truly are.

3. Invest in yourself.

I've done this on a small scale during most of my entrepreneurship journey.




The occasional conference.

A couple courses.

While each of those played a major role in my overall growth and personal/professional development, I was still playing small. So the returns from my investments were also small. Small paychecks. Small victories. Small success.

Now, I completely understand being in a financially trying situation.

I get it.

I've had cars repoed.

I've even been evicted, friend.

Been there; done that; got the t-shirt.

The Universe doesn't care.

It still sees you playing small, and on an even bigger level it sees you attracting those things to yourself.

Wanna break that cycle? Rewrite that story? Start a new pattern?


Jump before you have the net.

Say "yes" without all the answers.

That's the only way you can communicate with the Universe that you're ready for that next level of success.

And trust me, the Universe will see your faith and catch you in the fall.

I recently hired my first private business coach - a HUGE financial investment that I still can't believe I've committed to - and within 24 hours I signed my very first really substantial 1:1 coaching client.

The Universe heard me loud and clear and it met me on that next level.

I became a magnet for what I wanted by changing the pattern.

That, my friend, is the best thing you can do for your business confidence today.

If you're looking for a way to invest and up-level, check out my Soulrepreneur's Business Basics Bundle. And if you want to go even bigger, check out my 1:1 coaching program - Business Ascension. I guarantee an investment in both will signal to the Universe that you mean business! You'll be wracking up the confidence and the clients in no time, girl.

Always rooting you on. đź’–




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