April's Full Pink Moon Manifestation Ritual

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

April's moon cycle will feature the Full Pink Moon, originally named by Native American tribes to mark the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox—one of the first spring flowers to appear and officially mark the change in seasons.

Spring is a time of awakening.

Life that once lay dormant is returning.

Leaves are reclaiming bare branches.

Colors splash and spread.

And as the earth reawakens, we too can harness the power of awakening within ourselves, our actions, and our intentions.

Use the following ritual to call in this new energy and bring a sense of spring into your being - body, mind, and spirit.

Step 1: Cleanse

Before beginning any sacred ritual I always like to do a deep cleansing of myself, my ritual tools, and my space. I do this either by burning Palo Santo or sage. Burn the herbs and gently wave the smoke in small circular motions all around your body starting at your head and moving down to your feet. Do each arm and leg individually. Wipe away stagnant energy and call in fresh energy as you move into your ritual practice.

Step 2: Set the Stage

Once I've cleansed myself, my tools, and my space, I then set up my alter. Typically, mine consists of my favorite crystals or ones that will aid in whatever I'm intending for the practice. For the purposes of this Full Pink Moon manifestation ritual I'll be using smoky quartz for grounding; clear quartz for clearing and cleansing; and citrine for enlightenment, optimism, and warmth. My alter will also consist of a few of my favorite candles and oils, my journal for jotting down reflections and revelations, and a glass of water to stay hydrated, all in a dimly lit room as my favorite songs play softly in the background.

Step 3: Meditate

I like to include meditation in all of my ritual practices. It allows me to clear my mind and center myself so that I can set the clearest intentions possible. This time around, I'll be using the Insight Timer app. You can download it for free, and any of their meditations would be great for beginning your Full Pink Moon manifestation ritual. However, since this is a manifestation ritual, I would suggest specifically using a manifestation meditation before you begin.

Step 4: Plant Seeds of Intention

Up until this point, the process for this ritual has been the same as I'd use for any. This step is where things begin to specifically cater to this moon cycle and the intentions behind it.

After you've cleansed yourself, your tools, and your space, and then taken the time to set up your alter and meditate, take out your journal. Before you begin writing, think to yourself about all of the things you want to manifest during this next moon cycle. Answer the following questions as you think, and if you find it helpful, write out your answers:

1. What things did you achieve in the previous moon cycle?

2. What things did you fall short on?

3. How are you feeling now that you've ended another cycle and are approaching a new one?

4. What intentions do you want to bring with you into this new cycle?

5. At the end of this coming cycle, how do you want to feel?

Take a break. Close your eyes. Breathe. Take 5 full rounds of breath, completely filling and emptying the lungs each time. Flip to a clean sheet of paper in your journal and write out every thing, every emotion, every intention that you want to manifest for yourself in this new moon cycle. List it all out.

Once you've finished, look at your list and read each item aloud. As you read, visualize each item as a tiny seed that you individually plant with love and care as you speak it into life. Now visualize each tiny seed sprouting as you care for it in the days and weeks to come. Now see each seed growing and blossoming into its own unique fullness as this coming moon cycle ends and a new one begins. At this point in your ritual you've written your intentions, you've breathed life into them by speaking them out-loud, and you've visualized their manifestation into fullness. To take your ritual one step further, gently fold your list and plant it in a small, shallow hole somewhere near your home. This will act as a physical representation of your planting and bringing to life all the things, emotions, and intentions you've set for the new moon cycle ahead.

Step 5: Closing

Now that you've finished your ritual, it's time to close the energetic circle. Start by saying a short prayer of thanks to the Universal forces for supporting you in these new intentions. If you have any oracle decks, now would be a great time to pull a card or two and ask for continued guidance in the weeks to come. Lastly, close with 5 more rounds of full breath. Bring your hands to your heart. Bow your head. Repeat "And so it is."

I hope this new moon cycle brings you everything you're dreaming of, my friend.



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