Empowered AF


That's how I expect to feel after going to a group fitness class. I thrive off of the energy of the other people there and it always just makes me feel so damn GOOD. 🔥

So I went to yoga on Monday; class was advertised as "open to all levels" - it may have been "open to all levels", but it definitely wasn't "accessible to all levels". 😳 She had us doing hard af pushups and trying arm balances and putting our legs behind our heads - all kinds of shit that I can’t do

On top of it all, there was an entire wall of mirrors, which is pretty standard in a yoga classroom, but that day I decided to wear yoga pants and the first tank top I’ve worn in public since last summer…

For those who don’t know, in that time I’ve moved 3 times and had a baby - so my body has been through a whole lot.

Complete transparency here - it was really hard to love what I saw looking back at me. My waist is still so thick (*in my eyes*), but what got me were my arms. All I could see was the extra flesh at the tops and it took every ounce of strength I had not to judge myself. Not to hate myself.

And in the moment I felt so ashamed - here I am THE “Self-Love Junkie” struggling to show myself unconditional self-love. Imposter syndrome at its finest, friends. But I’ve done enough internal work to know that this wasn’t a moment sent to me for shame; it was a moment sent to me as a lesson. I was meant to have that experience in that yoga class, the most humbling group fitness experience I’ve ever had, to learn something and share it. So after giving it some thought, this is what I came up with:

LESSON 1: Yoga is about finding love and compassion for yourself in every season and circumstance. It’s about what you CAN do; not what you can’t do. It’s about seeing the flaws and imperfections and knowing that you are so worthy regardless. That’s why I love yoga so much, and have clung to it so fiercely over the last 5 years. It grounds me. But after that class, I feel really called to apply those same principles to my business, and encourage you to do the same.

LESSON 2: We’re not always going to like what we see in the metaphorical "mirror" when we look at our business. Some days are much easier than others. Some tasks are much easier than others. And some things about being a business owner just plain suck. But if we can find the meaning and the joy in the mundane, then we’ve already won. We’re already a success. If we can stop overthinking and nitpicking every last thing that we do, and instead just step onto the proverbial mat here and do what we can today, and let that be enough - not only would our businesses begin to thrive in a whole new way, but we’d also be so much more happy and driven to do the messier things.

LESSON 3: Entrepreneurship is hard and humbling in so many ways - just like my yoga class was. But if we can find love for the challenges in the moment and know that each situation is only making us stronger and better equipped to lead - then our business success, our happiness, and our fulfillment will overflow.

Long story long... If you’re looking at your business today and feeling defeated or critical - stop. Acknowledge how far you’ve come. Get excited for how far you’ll go. And give yourself so much love in this present moment. You’ve chosen to do something incredible - to serve the world in an unconventional way because you know it’s of the highest good for all. Celebrate that today, girl. You’re a goddamn rockstar and it’s about time you started acting like it.📷


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