Healing the Divine Feminine to Conquer Anxiety

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For many anxiety warriors, the idea that an internal imbalance in the body, whether hormonal or energetic, is causing the uncomfortable symptoms is never a thought. I, too, was one of those people. But then my healing journey began which proved that balancing your energy for anxiety relief is very much possible.

My Anxiety Trigger: The Need for External Validation

Hi, I’m Logan (@Self_Love_Junkie) and my struggle with anxiety started long before I ever knew there was a name for it. I vividly remember the need for external validation as early as my elementary years when I’d bring home report cards with all A’s in excited anticipation of praise from my parents. And even more vividly, in those instances when A’s weren’t the outcome, I would hide in shame from the underlying truth that I was far from perfect.

I didn’t realize it then, but those early experiences were conditioning me to base my entire worth and identity on my ability to achieve and elicit outside praise from others. Without those achievements and external forces driving me forward, I was nothing. I had nothing. I meant nothing.

For years, I continued to live like this; I needed the highest marks on everything, and all the awards there were to give out. In high school, I took the hardest classes available while also working almost 30 hours nights and weekends… All because I felt like I needed to prove something to everyone else.

The pattern continued into college when just taking classes wasn’t enough; I had to throw a wedding, a baby, rent and bills into the mix while juggling 3 jobs… and then graduate with a 4.0 gpa magna cum laude.

Even now as I type this all out, I get a surge of power knowing someone will read this and think, “Damn, this girl is good.” But despite all the praise and attention my achievements garnered, what they were really earning me was a hefty load of stress and anxiety that was fueled by the constant need to succeed, and the unbearable shame and guilt when I didn’t. Because without the praise, I was nothing…. Or so my anxiety wanted me to believe. I had to achieve to earn praise in order to have value. The pattern was toxic and it was destroying my self-confidence and leading to a whole host of mental and physical issues.

Breaking Free of My Anxiety Trigger

So how did I break it? First, I tried all the face masks and bubble baths you can imagine. I slapped on bandaid after bandaid, hoping that something would make me feel whole and worthy, while also stopping the ensuing panic attacks and incessant need to climb and achieve.

Until one day when someone introduced me to the concept of masculine and feminine energies, and my life changed forever.

Balancing your Energy for Anxiety Relief

All beings, regardless of physicality, posses both masculine and feminine energies.

Masculine tendencies include: achievement, structure, rigidity, progress, logic, gain, risk, force, and assertiveness.

Feminine tendencies include: flow, alignment, intuition, creativity, patience, compassion, grace, sensitivity, and surrender.

Do you recognize yourself all in one or the other?

Both masculine and feminine energies have their own pros and cons, and an imbalance in either can result in burnout, stress, anxiety, and an overall lack of ease and wellness.

I was stuck in the masculine; the drive to constantly achieve was creating crippling anxiety throughout my entire life and being. So to swing the pendulum and ultimately balance the scales, I had to tap into my Divine Feminine.

Tapping into the Divine Feminine To Start Balancing Your Energy for Anxiety Healing

Below is a list of the various ways you can start balancing your energy for anxiety relief if you feel like you’re stuck in either a masculine or feminine energy...

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