How to Keep Your Cool When Shit Hits the Fan (my top 3 tips)

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

1. Breathe

- 5 full rounds of breath

- Fill the belly - allow it to rise with breath

- Empty the belly - allow it to fall as breath is released

- Hold each breath for a count of 3 at the top

2. Sensory Inventory

- Name 5 things you can see

- Name 4 things you can hear

- Name 3 things you can small

- Name 2 things you can touch

- Name 1 thing you can taste

- Feel grateful AF that you have the ability to do each of those things and embrace how beautiful this life really is, and how minuscule your problems really are in the grand scheme of everything

3. Top 3

- Now that your brain is oxygenated and you’re feeling all the high vibes of gratitude, make a list of the top 3 things you need to do today to feel productive. Focus on those, and celebrate once you’re finished. If you get to nothing else today, that’s okay. These 3 are your priorities. Let go of everything else.

For a recorded version of these steps + more elaboration on here, go here. P.S. sorry in advance for the pixelation - wifi connection was meh 😆

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