She is limitless

If you hear nothing else today, please hear this:

I never want you to believe that you are anything less than a complete fucking miracle. As I sit here looking at my sweet babe asleep on the pillow beside me, I know at the core of my being I never want her to question her majesty. I never want her to see herself as less than. I never want her to second guess her unlimited power and potential. She is limitless. She is perfection. She is divinity in form. And I was entrusted with the responsibility to care for, love, and raise her in this lifetime. What then am I? If she is divinity in form, and I am her keeper? I often question my own worth. But when I realize I’m tasked with the greatest responsibility of one’s lifetime - to love and care for creation - I recognize my own power too. We are all divinity in form. We are all limitless. We are all born worthy, but somewhere along the line we begin to search for our worthiness. It becomes misplaced and we think that it lies somewhere beyond ourselves. But when you look into the face of a babe, there’s no question. This form is good. We are good. We are created whole, out of pure love. We are divinity in form, and we are worthy of all that we seek and desire. Do not question your wholeness today, friend. Do not question your worth. Know within the depths of your being, just as this sweet babe is pure and worthy, so too are you. And the only way she’ll grow up to continue to see her worthiness is if she sees you seeing your own.




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