Taking Back Your Power During Times of Uncertainty

Now more than ever, most of us are likely feeling a little ungrounded, uncertain, fearful, and even powerless. And that’s understandable, girl. So many things are up in the air and out of your control - I get it. It’s easy to fall into that old familiar victim mindset where everything is happening TO you and you have now control over any of it.

But now isn’t the time to believe you ego.

Now isn’t the time to fall victim to your own limiting beliefs and old stories.

Now is the time to rise above it all and recognize how powerful you truly are.

To remind yourself of all the things you can control, and to reclaim your power regardless of what’s going on all around you.

Yes, things are crazy and scary and uncertain right now, and no one knows how long those conditions will last - BUT YOU POWER ISN’T DEPENDENT ON WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE REST OF THE WORLD.

Your power is fully dependent on you and how you choose to show up during this time.

Remember, you always have the choice - show up powerfully and control what you can or shrink back and let circumstance take over.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re the kind of girl who’s hell bent on taking back her power. So I’ve thrown together a few things to help you do just that, not just now but during any season of chaos and uncertainty. Click here to listen to episode 24 of Boss Up Radio, where I talk at length about all of this. Then take it a step further and download my Reclaim Your Power workbook for free. This will eventually be turned into a paid offer, so snag it for free while you can. 💖

I truly hope this helps you, sister. I hope it brings you a sense of peace, and that it reminds you that you’re powerful af and that your circumstances do not define you.

Females are powerful as hell, and I’m proud to stand alongside you in this shared sisterhood.


Logan O.


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