Why I'm Not Inviting You to The Ascension Academy

This week, yesterday actually, was scheduled as the launch date for my second course and what will be my signature course, The Ascension Academy (AA). And I had all these plans and intentions to share about the course and then to eventually invite you all to join me in it - but I've changed my mind. I won't be inviting any of you to join AA, at least not right now. Let me explain.

If you know me at all, then you know energy is a big deal for me. It's the basis of the course, and it's what governs every single choice and decision I make in my life. If the energy isn't right, I'm not doing it. Period. Now, I haven't always been like that. I could force a smile with the best of them, trust me. But after years of inner work, all of which I've now poured into this course for others to learn and use themselves, I know that it's better to press pause than push forward.

I honor and respect myself, my business, my intentions, and my clients too much to move forward with something that doesn't feel completely aligned. And while AA is 100% aligned with me and my mission and purpose (it's basically my soul in the form of a course, guys - not even exaggerating), the timing is not.

Let me be clear. It's not that this isn't the right time. There's never a right time for anything and I don't think we're ever completely ready for many of the things life tosses our way. But this is the wrong time. The last month of my life has been completely chaotic, and that's the energy that I would be carrying with me into this course. That's the energy I would be giving to my students and clients. That's the energy that would characterize the inaugural launch of a course that is so, so special to me. And I just can't let that happen.

Launching this course isn't about the money for me. If it were, I'd push past all the misalignment and discomfort and launch anyway.


This course is about helping people.

Helping people just like you, who may be living a life that isn't aligned with who they are and that doesn't bring them joy. People who are just checking boxes and living on autopilot. People who are trying so hard to do it all, but are failing, and honestly don't know why they're even trying to begin with. People who know they are meant for more, but just don't know where to start or how to make space for the change that needs to happen to actually happen.

This course is about those people, and for that reason I cannot in good conscience move forward with this launch right now. Not with this energy.

So what's next?

I'm rescheduling my launch.

The Ascension Academy will now launch for the first time on June 17th. I expect that things will have settled by then and I'll have the space and energy to guide my students. If not, we can reschedule again. I believe with everything in my being that everything happens for a reason, and everything has a perfect time and place in which it is meant to occur. For that reason, I choose to honor what my intuition and what the Universe is telling me.

So thank you to those who have expressed interest in The Ascension Academy. Your support means more than you could ever know. For now, add your name to the waitlist here and be the first to know when enrollment is officially open!




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