Things are a little crazy right now, yeah? We could all use a little extra love and support these days. So I've decided to open up one-off coaching sessions at a crazy low rate, that way we can both show up and make some magic together. ✨

Whether you're feeling a little off and misaligned in your personal life or you're ready to kick it up a notch in your business, a coaching session may be just the thing you need!

Coaching sessions are paid for on a sliding scale. You decide what you're ready to invest in yourself. Before you pay, you'll be prompted to book your time slot. 

We'll spend 50-minutes together, and after we finish you will receive a recording of the session + any notes, resources, and/or action items we cover.

There will be 5 sessions available each week, and those slots will open up on Friday afternoons for the following week. Book as many sessions as you would like - totally up to you. But make sure you set your alarm because slots will fill up fast!

Talk to you soon, girl!

xo Logan O.

Jen Cathy

"I have been friends with Logan for a couple years and have watched her grow into a powerhouse authority figure in the online business world, so I knew she would have much to offer when I was considering hiring her. I'll be honest, I was a bit hesitant at first because Logan is a "no bullshit" go-getter (part of what attracted me to her) and I knew she would push me out of my comfort zone. She helped me reorganize my daily business activities which generated more productivity. Logan was able to shift my perspective on my content writing to help me connect deeper with my audience and clientele. The hour-long calls were most beneficial in creating new content and brainstorming a business roadmap for the future. I enjoyed working one-on-one with Logan. She was very accessible and offered very timely feedback. I would recommend her to women who are ready to step up their business and get serious!"

Sharon Burgamy

I’m so glad my biz partner and I invested in Logan! Logan was an endless wealth of knowledge and help for us! We were able to create a website, get super consistent and clear with our content, and overall had a better understanding of what we wanted from our business. I love Logan’s no-BS approach that is always delivered with love and care! Highly recommend her if you’re looking for a business coach!

Olivia Jones

Launching my Etsy shop in the middle of working through TBC helped me to lay a great foundation for my business. The mindset work was particularly helpful. As a stay at home, homeschooling mom of two, I struggled between “Yes, I can do this. I do have time for this.” And “taking time away from my children and duties is selfish.”. I had a lot of limiting beliefs surrounding my art, but once Logan gave me the tools to push past them, I was able to confidently launch my shop. Building my brand with the tips from Logan has been such a fun part of it. It’s something that is still evolving for me as my customer base grows. Having the other women in the group and in the calls was such a great resource, too! I loved having people to bounce ideas off of. I definitely recommend this course or on like it that Logan launches in the future.

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